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drone racing

The New Season of DRL has a New Racer

The New Season of DRL has a New Racer

The Drone Racing League (DRL) unveiled their 500+ drone fleet of the world’s most advanced FPV drone, the DRL Racer3, today. Each one is hand-built with improved speed, weight and durability by DRL’s team of engineers, the DRL Racer3 will serve as the backbone of the sport of the future — flown by the globe’s most elite racing […]
The Frame Game

The Frame Game

As the FPV drone scene expands, better and faster craft emerge. Propellers, motors, flight controllers, and speed controls all fulfill the need for speed. But it’s the airframes that hold all of the components together that are seeing the biggest evolution. And while the established names continue to dominate, there’s an undercurrent of independent makers arriving who are building […]

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